While AQA has no full-time staff it draws on three experienced people to provide a range of management support and advice.Chief Executive
Roger Parton
AQA’s Chief Executive is Roger Parton. Roger has held this role for a decade. It includes managing all industry and government liaison, managing board meeting preparations and annual conference organisation oversight. His previous experience includes 14 years as Chief Executive of Clubs New Zealand. Roger uses this experience to meet the challenges of managing a membership-based organisation which speaks for but does not include all industry operators. On the rare occasions he is not working, Roger enjoys family life, DIY and, as his impressive range of state of the art gadgets testify, electronics.

Roger is contactable at office@aqa.org.nz  and on mobile: 021 301522

Communications Adviser
Brendon Burns
A former newspaper Editor and political journalist, Brendon had a term as an MP in Christchurch through the earthquakes, before returning to home base in Marlborough in 2012 with his wife Philippa. One of his first jobs was producing an edition of Holcim’s quarterly newsletter. He has since worked on a range of contracts including as acting Communications Manager, Shell New Zealand and assisting several Councils with projects from earthquake resilience to broadband. Brendon earlier worked for AQA in 2007/8.

Brendon is contactable at comms@aqa.org.nz and on mobile: 0274 305501

Technical adviser
Mike Chilton
Mike Chilton hails from Sydney and gained his mining engineering qualification there but always wanted to live in the country. He met his wife Susannah in Sydney and in 2004 they returned to her family’s roots in the Manawatu. Mike worked first for contracting company Infracon around the lower North Island before moving to Higgins as Aggregates Operations Manager and later Technical Engineer. Mike now runs his own consultancy firm, specialising in the aggregates’ industry and says nothing beats working with the innovative people who make a living out of lower-value extractives. Mike previously served on the Technical Committee and now engages for it with industry, councils and Government.

Mike is contactable at tech@aqa.org.nz  and on mobile: 021 594 225
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