As settlers tumbled across the New Zealand landscape in the 19th century, the demand for aggregate was their ballast.Local county councils opened and operated hundreds of small quarries and gravel pits across New Zealand. Often these were sited no more than the distance a horse and cart could pull a load of aggregate to help with forming roads, home or farm building sites.

Later, commercial quarries began operating. Nearly fifty years ago the companies involved in extracting and supplying gravel and allied materials formed the Aggregate and Quarry Association of New Zealand - the AQA.

In 2018, the AQA will celebrate its first half century. Today there are around 500 registered quarries in New Zealand. Many of those are members of the the Aggregate and Quarry Association. Some of our members are still small operations; others are part of major corporates including Fulton Hogan, Winstone Aggregates, Ravensdown and Stevenson Group. As a national body the AQA represents companies producing around 85% of the many millions of tonnes of aggregate delivered every year as well as much of the limestone.
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