The AQA strongly supports the new health and safety requirements being introduced by the Government. Our industry wants to see its workers return home safely every day. Achieving this is no easy task. Our industry was lightly regulated for many years and there are new, demanding training requirements, even for industry veterans who want to retain their Certificates of Competence (required to operate a quarry.) Many smaller quarries, which pose some of the greatest health and safety risks, are not members of the AQA. We are working with WorkSafe, the Health and Safety Council for Mining/Extractives – MinEx, our industry training organisation, MITO and other organisations to help start bringing the necessary changes into practice.

Safety on site
A health and safety plan for the safety of staff and quarry visitors is the responsibility of the company, and implementation is the responsibility of every person on the site. If you are operating a registered quarry then holding a Certificate of Competence is essential. Click Here to read The Health and Safety in Employment (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2013.

Are you a quarry?
There are smaller operations at the margins of quarrying. While there are around 500 registered quarries, it is estimated there are as many or more quarrying operations which are not registered. These can pose particular health and safety risks. MinEx (the Mining Extractives Health and Safety Council) has put together a self-test assessment on whether you are operating a quarry; if you are, it requires a Code of Compliance.
Click Here to read and act on this advice from MinEX.

There are many instances across New Zealand where companies are engaged in activities that fall under the definition of Quarry Operations as defined in the 16 December 2013 amendment to the Act. Those operations that fall under these regulations are subject to a number of codes, guidelines and regulations that companies need to be aware of and to follow. Read more on our guidelines page.
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